”The Best Way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others”  Mahatma Gandhi..

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  • We will work with Current asset management, which is the handling of the current assets of a company. Any assets that a company or business has that is the equivalent of cash or can be liquidated into cash in the period of a year are considered as a current asset.
  • And then, an accountant can determine whether or not assets should be considered active and how they should be valued. The defining characteristic of an active asset is that it plays a functional role in the revenue stream of the business. Based on these assumptions, we GREAT JOINT Group will enter in a Financial Engineering by structuring Business Enterprises, State Owned companies, large corporations, Small and Medium Business assets.
  1. Financial Engineering
  2. Risk Management
  3. Financial Market Risk


Leadership is a portent Combination of Strategy and Character. But if you must be without one, Be without the Strategy. 

”Norman Schwarzkopf US Army General”



  • In China, the region, the province has the rights to have private electricity company. The surplus of energy is sold to the state company. We accompany the private company to have its own power generator, we give a loan and we take as collateral 100% of the asset, for 5 to 10 years. We gave a loan of 100 Millions of RMB for the private company in GANSU. HOUSING Programs in GUIZHOU, the local government has to relocate the old habitations; we invest 300Millions of RMB for 5 years, with 100% collaterals (Hypothecate) In South Korea, a global program of entertainment with FORMULA 1, car race, housing, casino to let Chinese tourists to go to South Korea without any Entry VISA, for 1.2B Euro, this project is signed and is in process. Collaterals 100% on the total assets of 300B.
  •  We, in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet Socialism country, now independent, finance the agriculture and tourism in the region of Almaty for 100Million Euro.
  • In acquire a fast food group in Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA.
  • In Sultanate of Brunei, GREAT JOINT Group, with CAPITAL DIRECTION in association with the Brunei KPMCC, we are investing in BRUNEI, 500B Euro for the top 4 projects in 2017-2022 (ASEAN SUMIT, OPEC REUNION, COMMONWEALTH SUMMIT, ISLAMIC CONFERENCE.
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